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Prayers January 2020

Salvation for lost love ones. Bill and eric with anxiety and alcoholism, Lova with health issues, Toni with emotional issues. Also to sell cabin in Utah.
-Jasper S.
Isis, Jennifer, Rosalyn, Jeff, Ken, Kimberly & Hope. Homeless & Jobless.
-Marsha R.
Bless with good health.
-Corazone Z.
All of us, God’s children and particularly those in pain and in need.
-Linda D.
Nick D. S., my neighbor, he is battling colon cancer.
-Hermogenes L.
Juana E., Pedvo P., and Esteban C.
-Rudy C.
-Roy F.
My kids.
-Eliza M.
Pauland, Sabrina, Penny, Ryan, Heidi, James, and Eleanor.
-Kathy S.

Prayer Requests

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