The Face of Homelessness Has Changed

March 29th, 2018

When many of us think of homeless people, we generally think of the man standing on the street with a sign, asking for help. However, the face of homelessness has changed in recent years. The fastest growing segment of the homeless population? Families. Sadly, 1 in 30 American children experience homelessness; 51% of those children are under the age of five. (The Bassuk Center on Homeless and Vulnerable Children & Youth).

The primary reason for homelessness in Nevada? Affordable housing and employment. 24,900 southern Nevadans will experience homelessness at some point this year.  Nevada ranks 4th in the nation for the rate of unsheltered homeless persons, with approximately 6,490 individuals and families without homes or a steady shelter at night.  We have approximately 111 homeless families, including 2,052 children and youth. (Nevada Homeless Alliance)

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission has made helping homeless families a priority, teaming up with several local agencies to help more families transition from homelessness to stability and independence.  Last year, we were able to help 92 families, or 278 men, women and children have a brighter tomorrow!

How you Can Help Hungry and Homeless Neighbors:

  • Donate Funds – $28 provides a one-night stay and three meals each for a family of three.
  • Donate Goods – Food, clothing, hygiene products, blankets, water are always needed.
  • Shop our Thrift Store – 100% of sales go directly into funding our programs and services.
  • Donation Drives/Facebook Fundraisers – Set up a Facebook fundraiser and have people donate to the Rescue Mission in lieu of birthday gifts.
  • Volunteer – we need volunteers daily; most shifts are 2 hours.

Click here to make a life-changing donation:

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