Shelter Coordinator

The Shelter Coordinator is responsible for all matters concerning the overnight guests and reports to the Shelter Supervisor. The Shelter Coordinator assists the overnight guests with their emergency housing needs. In doing so the Shelter Coordinator must comply with all standards and directions specified by the designated Shelter Supervisor, Clinical Director, COO, CEO, Board of Directors and Mission policy. The Shelter Coordinator must also represent the Mission in a professional manner and be able to communicate effectively with facility staff members, residents, overnight guests, volunteers and donors.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for shelter operations including but not limited to; assist and care for all overnight guests in a compassionate and responsible manner, conflict resolutions, facilitation and enforcement of all shelter policies and procedures, demonstrate problem solving skills.
  2. Assist in Intact Families programming when needed.
  3. Coordinate daily intake processes of shelter guests and potential shelter guests including; screening Local and National Sex Offender Registry prior to intake, reading of rules and regulations as well as procedures, bed assignments, shower scheduling, attendance of guest to appropriate and designated meals.
  4. Maintain shelter bed sheet with all important information, housed, trespassed, and other tracking systems as needed.
  5. Assess and authorize minimal extension of stays for overnight guests and or granting “temporary’’ stay on property (SOP) status based on clients or shelter needs.
  6. Understand the extended stay programming, complete appropriate tracking, and accepting EBT payments.
  7. Demonstrate ability to handle all crisis situations effectively ensuring the safety of all children, clients, guests and staff alike.
  8. Complete shelter shifts report and email out prior to end of shift, every shift.
  9. Immediately report all child/elder abuse, neglect and/or suspicions to supervisor or Clinical Director for follow up action plan.
  10. Ensure awareness of all individual client needs and provide mild case management to identified guests.
  11. Network and coordinate with outside agencies; provide appropriate guest information pertaining to case management needs to outside agencies; know referrals provided to guests.
  12. Coordinate with internal departments when appropriate (i.e. move outs, food needs, furniture, clothing, shifts from shelter to recovery programming, etc.).
  13. Enter into specific electronic health care record (i.e. HMIS) and/or hard file including but not limited to; status, demographics, daily progress notes, case planning, appropriate forms, etc. Data entry regarding all client and guest related information (exits/ returns/ notes), maintenance of current data tracking systems. Maintain applicable training and certifications.
  14. Facilitate Prevention Groups for Teens and Parents (all shelter coordinators are on rotation rotation). Ensure completion of pre and post surveys for Prevention.
  15. Complete 10 hours of training throughout the fiscal year, pertaining to prevention.
  16. Facilitation of house meetings for the guests as well as other educational, support, or life skills groups. Groups and materials are to be approved by Supervisor and/or Clinical Director.
  17. Attend shelter, operations, & all staff meetings to discuss clients/guest, programming, policy, or agency updates.
  18. Exhibit professionalism, accountability and integrity while working with Mission guests, residents, staff, volunteers and visitors reflecting the organization and its core values; compassion, mercy and understanding.
  19. Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Senior Management.

This is a full-time position, 40 hours per week, offering a competitive benefit package and paid vacation.  Salary is commensurate with skills and experience.

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