April 1st, 2021

Faces of the Mission: Featuring Pastor Daniel Ensing | By Christa Collier, Development Assistant

As a nonprofit that’s Christian based with its own chapel on property there’s no surprise that we have a full-time Pastor that’s involved in providing religious support, counseling and is an advisor in the recovery services we offer here at the Mission. That so-called individual is our own Pastor Daniel Ensing.

Pastor Dan, as most refer to him, is one of the familiar faces you’ll see walking around the Mission property. After learning that Pastor Dan’s father was also a Pastor and that his grandparents were missionaries in the Philippines, anyone would think that there’s no wonder he would later become a Pastor himself. Along with being familiar with the Christian community, his calling is working with those in the recovery world, making him the perfect fit for the Mission. “Recovery, that’s my background. I walked into Celebrate Recovery in 2010 and got sober 5 months after. I’ll be celebrating 11 years of sobriety in May,” joyously stated by Pastor Dan. “I knew when I got here that the recovery aspect was one of first things I wanted to work on. I heavily believe in Celebrate Recovery and its ability to not only give those in the program the chance to experience sobriety but experience a real relationship with Jesus Christ.” Celebrate Recovery is a form of AA that’s more focused on biblical aspects with the additional teachings of the eight principles from The Sermon on the Mount.

Along with handling the Sunday services at 8:30am and 3:30pm, bible study on Tuesday’s at the same time, the weekly Thursday Celebrate Recovery service, and the re-vamped mentorship program, Pastor Dan also orchestrates weekly peer one-on-ones. “After I walk the property to check in with everyone, I start working with the clients on property. Those are conversations that usually focus on building relationships, recovery and anything that a client might have on their mind,” explained Pastor Dan. “I like to focus on what their plans are after the Mission or how they see themselves developing a community and support system for themselves when they leave.” As the only on-demand treatment center in the valley, one of the biggest aspects at our Mission is to help support those who deal with addiction. Through our recovery program we strive to not only help individuals heal from their addiction but also help them successfully re-enter the community.

One of the main programs that went hand-in-hand with our recovery program was the mentorship program. As the Mission slowly brings back most services Pastor Dan will be focusing more on the newly revised service. “Our mentorship program is the missing piece towards getting our clients more engaged in re-entering the outside community. Having that support system when they leave is crucial,” enclosed Pastor Dan. “The ideal mentor for our program would help guide our clients while they work the program and long after they leave the Mission.”

With the help of Pastor Dan, the Mission is able to come full circle with its commitment to the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith as well as help those of us staying or working at the Mission feel more connected with God.

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