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Prayer Requests

Struggling at work & still mourning the loss of my parents. I pray for strength, health & ability to earn enough to survive & allow me to give back.
Please pray for my wife’s cancer not to come back and to my upcoming prostate scan to be normal and stomach scan to be normal.
-Michael P.

My nephew , Joe is a diabetic and an alcoholic. He is not dealing with either issue. He has a wife and a sixteen month old baby. No job.

-Joan O.
I just found out today from my doctor today that I have a lot of medical issues I’m going to have to deal with. I have also had a lot of loss this year.
-Sue C.
Dear Lord at this troubled time in America I ask that you will give us all peace and to help us love and not hate. Amen and God Bless America!
– Guy R.
Please pray that I will get my stimulus so I can give for thanksgiving.
-Alexis A.
I wish to have prayers for Tyler S. and his father Dave. Tyler has been having seizures since 15. His mother died when he was 15 years old.
-Donna A.
We have been working for another child for a year now and would love prayers to help us in our infertility journey.
-Sara C.
Please pray for Simonne she really needs a job. Thank you.
-Sharran S.
Love you too thank you so much God bless you.
-Jack S.
Pray for our daughter, Emily MacGregor, that she will be healed from all physical and mental disorders and come back in our lives.
– Ruthie K.
For Christian education in the Valley, and for the Holy Spirit’s guiding hand on those who are discerning a call to Christian ed.
For my brother Julio who is fighting cancer and for his wife. For myself, going through some health issues.
Please pray for my niece, Rachel, to see her true self.
Please pray for Sherry, a widow who suffers from anxiety and depression and for Mayerly, a Colombian nurse working with Covid patients in Vegas.
Give thanks! Pray for healing and restoration for all. Pray that we will receive His blessings with our business matters.
Peace in our nation and unity in the desire to create a better future based on Christ as our Lord and Savior.
– Ted
Quick recovery from acute renal failure due to dehydration. Asking for kidneys to repair.
-Keith W.
Please heal our country and restore it so that it becomes an example to the world of all that is good.
Healing- my son who is 38 years old has a bump on the right side of his temple. He finally went to see it and they told him it was a tumor.
-Ernestine P.
Please pray for the god chosen job for me at the god chosen time. Pray for the Heisler and Landry family. World peace and healing.
-Kristina H.
Pray for speedy and full recovery of upcoming surgery.
-Mark H.
Please pray for Jorie my wife who has macular degeneration and only has a small amount of vision left in one eye…please pray for her complete healing.
– Thomas
Let us pray for those in our community that are underserved and are homeless. Continuing to minister to their needs and share the Hope of the Lord.
-Kyle B.
Please pray for Grampy Ray who is in his time of need.
-Michael B.
Please pray that my husband will be cured of his cancer and that God will also heal his heart from his 2 heart attacks, and my surrender of all to God.
-Galyn S.
Please God help my son in his struggles and heal our nation.
My friend Steve Dye has liver cancer, so please pray for him.
-Lance G.
Lord, Keep our Mission workers and program quests safe during these challenging times. Lord, continue to bless us with food to feed our community.
– Michael and Thao M.
Please pray for HIM to open a door to a job that will allow my daughter to sustain herself.
-Annie H.
Please pray that we will have more time with my son Myu please ask God to allow us at least 10 more years God bless whoever prayers 10 fold thank you.
-Jesse, James, and Aretha H.
Prayers for our son James who is currently homeless, addicted to drugs, etc. and not in a good mindset. Prayers that his mind is renewed.
My heart health. That my heart can get stronger and I can avoid a transplant for several more years. Also that I will be able to do IVF treatments.
Please pray that my two sons find jobs soon.
That the cancer that my friend’s 7 year old son was just diagnosed with is treatable and has not spread.
– Anonymous
Pray for my nephew Jordan who is addicted to meth and living on the streets now.
-Maria E.
Was just tested for Covid19. Am sick with an upper respiratory infection of some sort. Need to return to work ASAP. Please pray for a quick recovery.
Pray for John S. who is struggling with addiction and currently homeless. Pray that his life will be turned around.
To give self a chance to use skills to the fullest, to provide self and loved ones once more, help to find a work from home opportunity.
Pray for Lexi (works for WWE) that she gets saved through Christ. May God touch her heart.
Someone’s daughter who has been seriously ill for at least 4 years. Please pray that she gets healed and saved.
– Anonymous
Protection for all and that God would heal our land.
-Janet W.
That all skin cancer cells are removed from my body.
-Laurene P.
Please pray for those in need of health, warmth, love, and God’s guidance. May God bless us all.
-Kailahni M.
All those affected by COVID.
-Guadalupe D.
Growing more confident with faith in the lord and to extend myself further to help others.
Single mother looking for work. Since the pandemic I am struggling. I have a year clean and sober and owe that all to God.
– Anonymous
Marsha, Cody, Steve, Ken, Kristi, J & J, Isis, Roz, Char, Jen & Kim, K& T families, & World Peace.
-Marsha R.
Please pray that Jason & his family trusts Jesus as their Savior. Let them see Satan’s true nature and God’s character.
– Anonymous
Please pray for our country and the upcoming election.
-Paulette K.
Peace on Earth.
-Thomas M.
All who feed and care for the hungry, hurting, homeless in Las Vegas/Southern Nevada!
-Linda M.
I am a recent widow after 47 years. My grief is deep. I am also caregiver to my 95 year old mother. Your prayers are welcomed and I am grateful!
– Diana A.
For the Lords will to be done in my life
-Kim H.
Addiction, anxiety, insomnia.
– David J.
Pray for all of the countries around the world and the families that are hungry and ill with Covid-19.
-Felton B.
Please Pray for Carole T.
-Charles T.
Please pray for the end to my addiction. Thank you!
Please pray for world peace and for the presidency.
-Mary D.

Please pray for the Sweikert family.

-Susan S.

Please pray for the world to stop or control the virus & please help us change.
-LaSonia D.
Prayer for my family, my son’s placement in new home, my spouse’s new opportunity, my contentment and happy resolution, and our house and business.
-Angel H.
Please Pray for Lorena E. Salazar.
-Marlene H.
May great God bless me and kavimeena to be together again and marry each other with God’s grace.
-Prasanth J.
Please pray for my granddaughter, Danielle. Depression has taken her over.
-Donna A.

I would like prayers to find a job in a media library in Brittany, to restore my marriage, find my accommodation and be freed from financial worries.

-Baptiste L.

I am worried about the future of my daughter Aura she is not yet born but i just want her to be safe.
-Keyton S.
Pray for my mom Carol. She is in the ICU from a heart attack on a ventilator. Her kidney function is not doing good.
-Tammie D.
Pray for my mother Lena (96) and her husband Sam (99), also my nephew Luke.
-Nance K.
Pray for my health and the health of my love ones. Prayers for healing for all those who are hurting. Thank you.
-Norbi K.
Help with a place to stay and support.
-Harold R.

For diabetes and blood sugar levels.

-Charles M.

Special Intention.
-Margaret S.
My sister Roberta and myself in battling breast cancer. Also my friends Alice, Suzanne, Kerry, Fred, and Nancy.
-Donna Y.
Fair election and to help the poor and needy.
-Robert D.
Healing of my skin condition. Also please pray for rain!
-Debra M.
My son Jason needs a job to support his 3 kids.
-Cherisse G.

Prayers to completely defeat lust in my life and the after affects, it has been a source of many of my problems.

-Andy L.

My sobriety, back, feet.
-Ivan R.
My serious health problems.
-Beverly B.
Pray to help me find work and for this city.
-Carl H.
For people to have a loving and caring heart.
-Guy R.
Elections and spiritual state of the USA.
-Anthony T.

For Ricky D. and Connie, we need help with our relationship.


For Terry & I, we are divorced but live together because of expenses and with COVID-19, there is strife.
-Sandra T.
Andrew D.
-Mary K.
Healing of a skin disorder affecting my hands and feet.
-Debra M.
Back, Feet, Lungs.
-Ivan R.
Restored relationship with my son Michael and an end to the virus.
-Harold J.

Please pray I will find a job soon and be able to sleep at night.

-Crystal V.

Please pray for my oldest daughter’s health and her son’s salvation. The enemy keeps attacking Heather. Also pray for my younger daughter’s marriage and her husbands salvation.
-Theadora R.
Please pray for this worlds poor and defenseless kiddos.
-Henry R.
My daughter, Cherise, who hasn;t had anything to do with me for almost 6 years.
-Marcia K.
The Matovina Family.
-Tricia M.
For favor with judge overseeing a civil lawasuit. Thank you.
-Paul P.

Nicole, Andrew, Al, and Renee.

-Auldin B.

Old age isolation, seed christian friends and my wife’s blood pressure which through prayer, is now under control after many years.
-Gillis B.
Mary S., Cheryl F., Mike C.
-Cheryl S.
Juanita R. Family Arana and Family Herrera.
-Graciela A.
For my departed mother.
-Jonathan S.
For my brother, Larry B. and his children. They have been left by their mother. My brother has been diagnosed with congestive heart failure but he is determined to care for his kids. Please pray for their safety and that some help comes their way.
-April O.

I lost a good job, relatives are selling my apartment, I do not have funds. Every night I lock myself in my kitchen and ask God to help me. I’m terribly discouraged.

-George D.

Please pray for a closer walk with Him.
-David M.
Please pray for a loved one to get a job and Robyn’s happiness and healing.
-Elizabeth E.
Please pray for a healing for my lungs and eyes.
-Douglas W.
Pray for families who have lost loved ones due to COVID-19 and for a vaccine for prevention of the disease.
-Terry S.
During this Uncertain time, I am worried about what is awaiting ahead. I am trying to stay strong as a behavioral therapist but I am worried and scared not as strong as I want to be.

Pray for Alan D. He has lost his way. meth has taken over and can not think clearly. Please pray that he is healed and seeks help.

-Kim F.

To get on my feet and find a new way to live.
For all those who are seeking gainful employment. May they be granted favor with employers and be filled with patience and wisdom.
My Friend, Jason, to recognize Jesus and his desire to be his Lord and Savior.
For my work and finances.
For my family’s happiness, safety, and good health!
-Ana R.

Rhonda N.

-Robert F.

My Battling Cancer
-LaDonna M. Y.
Evelyn C.’s health.
-Corey J. D.
MaryElla my wife.
-Leonard B.
My battle with breast cancer.
-La Donna M. Y.
Marlo N. and Cherise V.
-Lyria H.

Pray for Richard R.

-Dorina R.

Jeanette A., all who has the virus, and all the homeless.
-Arthur A.
May all homeless people find their way.
-Gerald B.
Peace for the whole world.
-Maria T. R.
Please pray for self and daughter…we are going through some very tough times…health, wealth, happiness and settlement to come alive for me and kids.
-Roxanne K.
Please Pray for my only Son, Robert C. He is an Epileptic. Since 4 years old he is now 57, bedridden and cannot stand or walk.
-Mavis C.

Help in all our needs and healing of our ailments.

-Lucy D.

William P., Bernice & Leslie P., and Felisa & Jose F.
-Clara P.
For faith in approaching health issues and isolation in old age, and help against people who seek to drive us out of our residence.
-Gillis B.
For strength and bravery.

Help my two daughters to forgive one another.

-Marie H.

That the poor and the sick will have their needs met for thanksgiving, for blessings I’ve received, that my cancer is gone, and for my safety.
-Maria C.

All who need to find their way in life.

-Gerald B.

Theresa W., cure for drug addiction.
-Dorothy Minieri
For all students and teachers for the next school year K-University for administrators, especially for our grandchildren Jarom and Eva.
-Jane D.
For my mentally ill son Rocky who recently lost his leg due to flesh eating virus and protect him from COVID-19. For his financial needs and ongoing medical care, and that his caretakers will know his and provide his needs.
-Elva H.

That I could have peace and health.

-Elizabeth R.

Our Grandaughter’s Dad, Marshal C., who has been homeless for 3+ years.
-Don W.

Lexi, AKA Alexa B., that she gets saved through Christ as well as friends and co-workers including people who follow her on social media.


God’s Kingdom to rule the Earth.
-Valerie M.
So that the scientists of the world can develop an effective vaccine against COVID-19 as soon as possible so that all this pain and suffering that overwhelms the world stops.
-Rosalina V.
All suffering souls worldwide.
-Adrienne C.

My mother, wife, brothers, sister, son, daughter, and grandchildren: The Autry Family & America Please! Thank you!

-Johnny A.

That Denver finds a job.

-Elizabeth E.

I could use some prayer for my health.

-Ingrid F.

Joseph: Cancer remission. Margaret: relief from 24/7 pain.
-Joseph A. D.
My ministry of teaching and preaching.
-Richard F.
Anita K., Jason S., Mervin S., Mickie S., Rachel I., Leroy, Myrtle & J Scranton.
-Eduardo C. Kaw

All to find the way in their lives.

-Gerald B.

Maria family for healing, peace and love of God in our hearts.

-Cesar R. M.

Nevada, Healing of COVID-19.

-Diane T.

Ralph, Rosalyn, Kristi, Osis, Coby, Jennifer, Kimberly, Charlene, Kyle, Travis, Steve, Ken.
-Marsha R.
All missionaries worldwide.
-Harriet H.
God to calm the hearts of the Nation. Pray for our leaders in the white house to make good decisions. For protection for all of us.
-Linda M. R.

Christine S. and Lisa R.

-Amy J. S.

Please pray for my hope to help teach the body of Christ.

-Richard F.

My 58 year old son is in the hospital now with blood clots in his lungs. Pray for him please.

-John W.

A cure for covid-19.
-Regina W.
Me and my family.
-Barbara W.
My personal intentions.
-Gretta B.
Please pray for my wife Patricia.
-Dale S.
Please pray for our President, all those who work with him and support him and our nation.
-Coradean C.
Please pray for Gaspar Alongi Jr.
-Mary A.
Please pray for all of us, the world over.
-Sandra T.
Please pray for my husband and my son who both have prostate cancer. My son will be having surgery on the 11th of June. My husband is taking injections. Thank you so much for your prayers. God bless you.
-Rosemary P.
Please pray that in the fall I will find the house that God wants me to have. Prayers also that my granddaughter keep her job.
-Rosemary C.
Please pray for those affected by this virus as well as all our medical and essential workers.
-Beverley Calabrese
Please pray for all of us to keep a “cool” head. God bless!
-Guy R.
Please pray for Erin Foster.
-Margaret F.
Pray for Chad for being sober for 4 months and starting a new business, as well as the Mission for helping him so he could come back home.
-Rachel H.
The poorest of the poor that support will come – that i will remain cancer free following surgery – that a corona-19 vaccine will be discovered.
-Maria C.
All who are and were affected by this horrific virus.
-Patricia B.
The people around the world that we come out of this epidemic and get back to other problems that we struggle with.
-Will P.
Volunteers, staff, and those suffering with Covid-19.
-Janet D.
All who are hurting and suffering.
-Nalini V.

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