Recovery Program

The Program

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission Recovery Program is a Christian based residential drug and alcohol treatment program for both Men and Women which includes a structured living component and work therapy. Currently serving approximately 80 men and 20 women.

  • 6-12 month commitment, depending on individual need.
  • Staffed by state licensed clinicians and interns which offers clinical assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, case management and discharge planning.
  • Addresses triggers, relapse awareness, healthy boundaries, emotional wellness, stress, anger management, lectures on the disease process, proper communication skills, conflict resolution as well as other pertinent information related to recovery.
  • Basic needs including hygiene, clothing, and food will be provided.
  • During the last phase of the program clients are expected to locate stable housing, employment and continuing recovery resources in order to successfully transition into the community.

Unlike most providers in the Las Vegas area, The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is an on-demand treatment center that provides services to all individuals regardless of their financial means or insurance status, serving hundreds of individuals each year.

How to Apply

The first step to join the program is to fill out the written application.

Recovery Program Application

1. Print out the application above or obtain one at our location.

2. Bring the application to our front gates to meet with a Case Manager between 9am-2pm Mon-Fri.

3. If appropriate, you will be admitted as ‘pending program‘. Your personal belongings will be processed, work therapy* will be assigned, and be placed on an in-house doctors list for physical and TB testing.

If not appropriate, you will be referred to appropriate agencies and provided community resources.

*requirements may include the ability to lift 25-50 lbs and

being on your feet 6-8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

Other Expectations?

This is a period of observation for application candidates. During pending program, a client is pending an assessment. This will be a period of observation for approximately 2 weeks where the client is expected to stay on property. They may take care of any major concerns including medical, mental, legal, etc. during this time.

All cell phones, chargers, head phones, other electronic equipment, and anything identified as contraband will turned in to a Case Manager.

Once this period is complete and all ASAM and DSM requirements are met, a client is now identified as a Resident in the Program!

Other Resources

Our Program Resource

Being a christian-based program, we are proud partners of the Genesis Workbook Curriculum. To learn more about the program, click the link below.

The Genesis Process

View our Program Brochure

Program Brochure

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“I never felt like anyone loved me until I came to the Mission. The love I’ve experienced from donors and staff saved my life.”

~ Geoffrey – Former Las Vegas Rescue Mission Guest

“I spent 45 years of my life in love…to alcohol, weed, and crack. Thanks to the donors of the Las Vegas Rescue Mission, I’ve learned that life isn’t all about me. I’m in love again…with Jesus Christ. Thank you!”

~ Ervin – Former Las Vegas Rescue Mission Guest

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