Recovery Program

Redemption. Recovery. Restoration.

We are currently taking in new clients on a limited basis. See below for details.

The Recovery Program

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission Recovery Program is a Christian-based, 6-12 month, residential drug and alcohol treatment program for both men and women, which includes a structured living component and work therapy. Our program is staffed by state licensed clinicians and interns that offer clinical assessments, individual therapy, group therapy, case management and discharge planning.

Program residents learn:

How to address triggers, relapse awareness, healthy boundaries, emotional wellness, anger and stress management, lectures on the disease process, proper communication skills, conflict resolution, as well as other pertinent information related to recovery.

Program residents are provided:

Room and board, essential hygiene items and clothing, and 3-meals per day.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission is the only on-demand treatment center that provides services to all individuals regardless of their financial means or insurance status, serving hundreds of individuals each year. During the last phase of the program clients are expected to locate stable housing, employment and continuing recovery resources in order to successfully transition into the community.

Spiritual Guidance

One of our primary objectives is to touch as many lives as possible with the love of Jesus Christ. The Mission has a full-time pastor on staff. Daily Bible study classes and sessions are facilitated by caring staff and volunteers.

Statement of Faith

Planning Ahead

Self or Non-Agency Referrals

For individual persons looking to obtain services, and are not directly coming from a medical type facility, you are required to:

  • Contact management to identify availability
  • Obtain a COVID Test prior to entry, after speaking with management.
  • After testing you MUST arrive to LVRM property within 24 hours of taking the test.
  • 7-day quarantine upon arrival at the Mission
    • Smoking is not available during this time. We may be able to offer patches or gum.

All coordination to recovery programming will require prior approval from LVRM Senior Management listed below.

Aly Martinez, Clinical Director at:

Anyone seeking a place to stay must be prior approved, as space is limited.

All persons will be required to adhere to the NV state mask mandate while in common areas, and will remain on property until further notice.

Free COVID-19 testing may be offered at different locations.

To schedule an appointment or find a place to walk-in, call 702-383-2619 or visit

Requirements may include the ability to lift 25-50 lbs and being on your feet 6-8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.

Before You Arrive

For individual persons looking to obtain services, Shelter or Recovery, if you have used alcohol or drug within the past 24-48 hours PLEASE seek out medical care first. If you need assistance let us know. Nearby you have local hospitals, WestCare Withdrawal Management, or CrossRoads. You may also contact your insurance provider for additional care. Once you are medically cleared, work with the staff at the facility to arrange transportation.



2121 w. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89102



323 N. Maryland Pkwy

Las Vegas, NV 89101

Other resources:

Pending Program

This is a period of observation for application candidates. During pending program, a client is pending an assessment. This will be a period of observation for approximately 2 weeks where the client is expected to stay on property. They may take care of any major concerns including medical, mental, legal, etc. during this time.

All cell phones, chargers, head phones, other electronic equipment, and anything identified as contraband must be turned in to a Case Manager.

Once this period is complete and all ASAM and DSM requirements are met, a client is now identified as a Resident in the Program!


What We Use

Being a christian-based program, we are proud partners of the Genesis Workbook Curriculum. To learn more about the program, click the link below.

The Genesis Process

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