January 18, 2022

From Homeless to Ivy Leaguer!
A Story from a LVRM Guest

*stock photo used to ensure anonymity

I remember that fateful day when my family and I realized we had no place to go. Uncertainty
clouded us, and I could see the palpable fear on my mom’s face as she frantically made calls
seeking for a place to go with four minors.

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM) has been a refuge to my family and me since then.
When we arrived here broken, tired, afraid, desperate, and unsure of tomorrow, the friendly and
warm smiles from the staff welcomed us. As LVRM is run by people who share deep
connections to the experiences of the residents here, it was very easy to adjust. The staff always
go the extra mile to ensure that everyone is comfortable and given the necessary resources to

As students, LVRM has made sure that my siblings and I are equipped with all the school
supplies we need throughout the school year. The week before school, we were called in and
given backpacks, books, stationery supplies, shoes, etc. Having tools like these made life as a
student manageable and allowed me to fit in with the rest of my peers. Additionally, LVRM
works to connect families with additional organizations like Title 1 Hope that can help students
obtain hotspots, bus passes, and much more. The facility here is also equipped with everything
necessary for students to continue their education with no worries. Our meals are taken care of
all throughout the day by such hardworking kitchen staff and volunteers. Things like running hot
water and consistent power supply are accessible here that allow students like me to studiously
work late into the night. Additionally, LVRM has quiet areas for children to study with plenty of
books available for our curious minds to explore. Specifically, I like to make use of Room 5.
This space was extremely helpful, especially during the pandemic when I had to attend school
online. I also used this space while I was conducting research in biochemistry during the
summer. LVRM is definitely a community that prioritizes the growth of students and values their

I’m extremely grateful to LVRM for all the help they’ve given my family and me. Before coming
here, I recall that my mom had some health issues. In addition to working with her to seek
medical help, they also accommodate her dietary needs. These efforts have been life changing as
I’ve been able to see my mom grow and transition into a more active and happier person. Being
at LVRM has also given me an opportunity to give back to my community as I’m constantly
surrounded by opportunities to help others. With the permission and encouragement of staff here,
many kids and I have been able to volunteer and get involved in this wonderful community. I
believe that this opportunity to give back helped us grow as people and develop our skills at
planning, leadership, organization, etc. It also helped us build our self-esteem as we’re able to see
our capability, and the differences we’re making in the lives of others.

I recently received a full ride to an Ivy League college, and I know that my success story would
never have been complete without the actions of people like my case manager here at LVRM,
who wrote an outstanding recommendation letter for me and also set up a meeting that connected
me with resources from Title 1 Hope. These are some of the ways that LVRM goes above and
beyond to support children and students and help them thrive.

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