June 18, 2021

Help Us Combat The Heat | By Christa Collier, Development Assistant

On average 7% of adults report having no daily consumption of drinking water and one of the top ways to prevent hot weather-related injuries, illness and death is by drinking plenty of water (Fifteen Benefits of Drinking Water, 2018). Imagine what that percentage would be for the homeless population, especially during the hotter months here in Las Vegas. For those that don’t have access to running water or a form of shaded protection from the sun, excessive heat can lead to death. At the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM), we continuously hand out water to people passing our gates along with hydrating everyone on property. On average, during the summer months, we go through roughly 2 pallets of water each day, so the need is great. With the high temperature months now in effect, any forms of donations related to water can be extremely helpful in combating heat induced incidents that could be easily avoided.

Having a lack or no access to drinking water can be a dangerous factor for homeless individuals. Sleeping outdoors during the high temperature months does not provide protection from the environment nor adequate access to hygiene and sanitation facilities that can provide water. Having large amounts of bottled water on hand takes extra help from our community through water donations and monetary donations meant for the purchase of extra pallets of bottled water. With that in mind, here are the top two reasons why donating a case of water or a monetary donation towards buying water can be helpful for LVRM.

  • Staying Cool – Drinking water can help regulate body temperature and combat heat stress and heat-related illnesses. According to the SNHD, extreme heat pushes your body beyond its normal limits. Under normal circumstances your sweat evaporates and cools your body, but extreme heat causes the evaporation process to slow and the body to work harder to maintain a normal temperature. These conditions can overload your system and lead to heat-related illness and even death (Extreme Heat is a Potential Health Concern, 2020).
  • Keeps Your Body Functioning – Water is essential for the health of kidneys, delivering oxygen throughout the body and maintaining blood pressure. Not to mention it helps with the look of your skin tissues.

As the months get warmer and more people seek refuge from the heat, be an ally and help the LVRM combat the affects high temperatures can bring. Host a water drive, drop off a case of water or even donate.

To Host A Water Drive, click here: https://vegasrescue.org/donate/donation-drives/

or call (702) 932-8186.

To make a Monetary Donation, click here: https://vegasrescue.org/donate/

or call (702) 932-8182.

All help is needed and appreciated!

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