June 1, 2022

“It Was Humbling”
A Beacon post

In some ways, Sam’s homelessness began in childhood.

There were major communication problems with his parents, so Sam, who grew up in New York City, kept to himself. (Looking back now, as an adult, Sam believes one of his parents has multiple personality disorder, which resulted in family dysfunction.) Sam left home in his late teens, and lived on the streets and subway cars of New York. He earned a meager living by working with dogs, teaching them obedience training. He also started drinking heavily.

Sam moved to Las Vegas a few years ago “just to do something different.” Depression set in, and his drinking worsened. “My health got so bad,” he says. “It was humbling.” A staff member from the Las Vegas Rescue Mission met Sam on the streets, and offered to help. Sam eventually accepted the invitation, and entered our recovery program. It was also the first time in almost a decade since he’d slept in his own bed.

Today, with a fresh start, Sam is thankful for the Mission and your support. Without that help, “things would have gotten bad. Like real, real, real bad.” Instead, things are quite good, and Sam says, “It’s a blessing, and I’m beyond grateful.”

Because of you, men like Sam have an opportunity to turn their lives around.

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