June 1, 2022

“My Own Resurrection”
A Beacon post

After years of drug addiction, Caitlin got into some legal trouble and spent six months in jail.

On her first day behind bars, she found a Bible on the shelf. She saw it as a sign, and decided to spend her incarceration as a time to turn her life around. “I spent a lot of time praying, and a lot of repenting on my own,” she says. Upon her release, the courts sent her directly to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission to continue getting her life in order. It was April 5, 2021, … the day after Easter. Another sign.

“It was like my own resurrection, my freedom,” Caitlin says. “Everything was lining up.”

Caitlin’s new life was lining up much differently than her old one of drugs, couch surfing, cheap hotels and the streets. She thought about how and why her life had derailed in the first place. She had some regrets — including dropping out of college when just a few credits short of a degree in marketing and communications. “I had a lot of time to think about the things I’d done and to come to terms with it,” Caitlin says. “I’ve learned a lot about myself, with the help of others.”

She thanks the Mission, and friends like you, for that. “I’m so grateful for the Mission,” she says. “Everybody has been so kind and nurturing. I’ve felt very safe and loved.”

Caitlin hopes to perhaps return to school for her degree. She wants to stay sober. She hopes to start a family. And she wants to give back. “Thanks to the Mission, I’m able to love myself again. I want others to have that.”

For women like Caitlin, you are providing freedom and fresh starts. Thank you! ✞

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