Not All Children Look Forward to Summer Break

May 15th, 2018

Most children in school count down the days until summer break, but hungry and homeless children face a harsh reality. Sadly, for many kids, school is the only place they get a meal each day. The end of school signals the end of the breakfast and lunch meals they rely on every day.  In addition, extreme temperatures are life-threatening to young children. During the summer break, the shelter of school during the hottest part of the day, is no longer available; they are now exposed to the harsh summer weather 24/7.

According to the Nevada Homeless Alliance, there are approximately 111 homeless families in Southern Nevada, including 2,052 children and youth. During the summer, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission sees a spike in the number of families looking for relief from the life-threatening summer heat and sizzling sidewalks.  In addition to families desperately searching for food, bottled water, bathroom facilities, a shower, dry, clean clothes, and a cool place to sleep are critical to reducing the threat of heat-related illnesses this time of year, such as dehydration and heat stroke.

Unfortunately, although summer is a time we see a surge in families coming through our gates looking for help, donations generally dip as people get busy with summer activities and vacation.

While homeless children are dealing with a period of increased stress during the summer and simply trying to survive, you can make summer less dangerous. Bottled water, underwear, and socks are in short supply for our homeless families.

If you prefer to make a financial gift, we can leverage our partnerships by stretching your donation to help as many people as possible. To give a gift of any amount today, click here.

If you know a family looking needing food assistance in June, July and August, click here.