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Prayers April 2020

Montero Family, Soriano Family, De Chavez family, and Obungen family.
-Roseminda M.
All our homeless.
-Robert R.
This virus and the death it’s causing, our homeless, our poor, the whole world.
-Lasonia D.
Those who are ill & our country.
-Willie C.
My son Kush.
-Ashwani B.
All that need help in time of need.
-Gerald B.
Our president, our country, and the world. Amen.
-Rose F.
My daughter.
-Elizabeth A.
Salvation for lost family members, alcoholism and anxiety, health issues, and divorce.
-The Stout’s
For freedom of selfishness, self centered feelings, actions, end result without considering the common good of mankind. This is for all: friends, dearest family, health of all flora and fauna.
-Rose J.
Please pray that my two upcoming Mohs procedure find me cancer free quickly!
-Ursula L.
All the sickest, neediest, our homeless, our veterans, our vulnerable people and for our best renewed health. Bless all those who truly loves and cares; God knows the difference.
-Martha C.
All those in need and our country.
-The Bonilla’s
Sarena L. who passed away 2 years ago.
-Daniel L.
Mandy, a mother struggling with drug addiction, and her children.
-Christy C.
A peaceful and healthy world.
-The Spence’s
Lisa M. and her intentions.
-Francy L.
Tyler S.
-Donna A.
World peace, love, healing, restoration, and salvation. Cure for coronavirus.
-Rosalina M.
Please pray for me to get pregnant and having my baby next year celebrating Easter with my husband and our newborn… I cant forget people who are sick in this time and all our nations which facing this pandemic.
-Daina O.
That things will become normal again. And homeless will be fed in this hard time.
That my husband Danny be saved & no peace from depression, fear & possible dementia.
-Destiny C.
I pray for Nevada, for all the sick and unemployed and closed businesses. I also pray for our Mother Earth!
-Patty P.
Praise to the Lord for His protection and His Grace that help us in time of need.
-Rom C.
My Store.
-Wayne R.
Pray i can adjust to being alone all the time.
-Werdna C.
Pray for me, I’ve been laid off because of coronavirus, i need unemployment benefits to start coming in. Pray that the nation’s economy will open May 1st.
-Christina B.
For me & my family that we continue to stay safe & worry less I know GOD would not put to much on us that we can bare.
-Destiny C.
I have been dealing with anxiety issues and have missed a lot of work. I pray for healing.
For my brother-in-law, who is very sick with diabetes and heart complications, and my sister-in-law who cares for him and is frightened that if he gets the virus he won’t survive.
-Paula N.
I am trying to find a job during this coronavirus pandemic.
-Milton J.
Please pray for me, that I can some direction in my life.
-Brian D.
Pray for the Barton, Weathers, Duperron and Mills family, and keep those that are sick and alone with us, give them strength to push through these difficult times and keep us all safe healthy and happy.
-Christina B.
For me and my husband. I’m scared and I have asthma and high blood pressure and my husband, Darnell, was a little sick.
-Lashonda H.
For all of those effected with the Corona virus and for safety and strength during this scary time.
-SaraJune D.
I would like to pray for my mom who was just recently tested for COVID-19.
For me that the lord takes away all the anxiety that I’ve been having lately, also for my grandma she has cancer please pray the lord can take it away & make her strong.
-Whitney B.
For my family that we continue to stay loving & strong for each other in these times & keep leaning on God, also my relationship at the moment we cannot see each other because we are trying to stay safe.
-Whitney B.
To help out families please ask the lord to come in our relationship even more & bring more love to our relationship & for us to be strong!
-Whitney B.
For the world!
-Robert C.
Catherine is my mom…she passed 5 years ago.
-Nicol P.
I pray for family unification, reconciliation, wholeness, loyalty, understanding and covering by the blood of the lamb. We all need wisdom, understanding and clear vision.
-Roshonda M.
For my son, Nash and my father and his campanion Shirlene. Also, my bosses and friends and family.
-Nicol P.
Requesting prayer for all of you and the great work you are doing, and for me and my family!
For the soul of my great aunt who just passed from COVID-19.
-Brooke C.
That my 17 year old daughter, Jade, comes home after being gone for 7 months.
-Vanessa S.
For the redemption of all my family members who have not given their lives to Jesus.
-Janet S.
For all of you and the great work you are doing and for me and my family!
-Paul O.
For peace and comfort for everyone that feels isolated and desperate…and to not only know Abba hears and loves them but how I can bless someone in desperate need instead of focusing on myself.
-Howard L.
I know all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Thank you and God bless.
-Denise T.
My mother passed on last Thursday. Pray for my father n family. We have 6 kids at home and worried about providing for them.
-Michael S.
For my granddaughter Ryleigh R. She is 4 years old. Also for my mother who is 72 and is all alone in Houston. For my grandkids Alyssa S., Andrew R. and my children Anthony, Maria & Diana.
-Aracely R.
I would like the Lord to protect my family and friends and everyone who is in pain. I’m also recovering from a surgery and laid off from work at this time our futures are uncertain.
-Aracely R.

I am extremely grateful and appreciative to all.

Proverbs 2. Verses 1-22

I ask that you pray God will heal my son’s heart. I ask that you please pray God will be there with his abundant grace when my son decides to seek him.
-Denise T.
I know all things work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose. Thank you and God bless.
-Denise T.
For healing in this country and planet! May there be a vaccine for this virus very soon.
-Perla P.
May we live in a more peaceful, loving country. May attract a new loving relationship and to be debt free. For my dad to be healed from cancer.
-Perla P.
For me and my family and loved ones that we all stay healthy during this time and grant us to power and strength to survive during this time of recession.
-Raysha P.
To grant me the will n the way to find a way for food and rent and grant me the strength to stay strong for me n my family.
-Raysha P.
Lastly, for all of the families who have lost a loved one due to the Chinese virus.
-Marc S.
For all of those who’s lives have been affected by the Chinese virus. For all the boys and girls who’s school year has been interrupted by this anomaly.
-Marc S.
For the seniors in high school, who’s last memories of school will be that of being quarantined, rather than celebrating an incredible journey and next steps.
-Marc S.
For good health for the Traylor and Campbell families and all people in nursing homes.
The World.
-Robert C.
Please pray for my good overall health and well being.
-Stephan R.
All homeless.
-Alejandro A.
All who are ill with COVID-19.
-Mary G.
To end the virus problem.
-Guy R.
The people affected by COVID-19.
-Dell G.
Drug addiction to be healed for my daughter Antenia.
-Sherry L.
Karen J. Ceccoli.
-David C.
Hope for all of humankind and all of the critters, tame or wild. This virus will not keep our spirits down.
-Michelle P.
I pray for the homeless and less fortunate. Father God, I ask you to continue blessing me and blessing the youth so they can do whatever you need them to do.
-Sherry M.
Help me find a job.
-Myrna C.

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