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Prayers March 2020

Me and my declining health situation. God bless you!
-Jackie K.
Our President, Vice President, medical persons and our country.
-Michael S.
All the young and elderly from all races.
-Eddie L.
My continued remission from lymphoma.
-Michael G.
God’s will to fill our voids in our lives and healing so we don’t self-medicate. Thank you!
-Jennifer K.
Mrs Millie who is sick and shut in. Also the world and others.
-Mamie D.
I pray for the homeless and less fortunate. Father God, I ask you to continue blessing me and blessing the youth so they can do whatever you need them to do.
-Sherry M.
Hope for all of humankind and all of the critters, tame or wild. This virus will not keep our spirits down.
-Michelle P.
Healing and unity in our nation and world.
-Joseph P..
Help me find a job.
-Myrna C.
All the young and elderly from all races.
-Eddie L.
Please pray for my parents and me to stay well and everyone to have enough supplies and medicine.
Those less fortunate to find the way.
-Gerald B.
All the homeless veterans.
-Ralph F.
Pray for Eric P.
-Carolyn C.
My Father who has just been diagnosed with lung cancer.
-Amanda K.
CJ Flood for healing from serious infection – 16 years old.
-Marilyn H.
World Peace, Homelessness, sick, poor, jobless, and volunteers.
-Marsha R.

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