October 1, 2022

“Such a Relief”
A Beacon post

Nicole ran her own real estate company in Nigeria, with 50 employees on her payroll. But violence in the country forced Nicole and her four young children to flee.

They went to South Africa, where Nicole launched another successful real estate business. But on a family vacation to Los Angeles, news broke that xenophobic attacks were ramping up back home. Many Nigerians were attacked, and some were killed; Nicole’s son lost a friend in the violence.

“We were afraid to go back,” she says. “So we stayed in Los Angeles.” But money ran out, and she looked for a cheaper place to live. They ended up in Las Vegas, renting a small apartment. But Nicole says their landlord was abusive.

“It was hell,” she says. “My kids were terrified.” Nearly broke and with no place to go, Nicole brought her family to the Mission. She says that from day one, it’s been such a relief.

“It was as if they were expecting us,” she says. “They received us. There was nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is super nice. It’s been amazing.”

The Mission helped get Nicole’s kids into local schools. And they helped Nicole address some health issues, including a heart problem, by connecting her with a cardiologist and a dietician.

As her health has been restored, so has Nicole’s spirit: “I’ve been reminded of who I used to be. Sometimes when you go through things, you forget who you used to be.”

She and her family had certainly been through enough hardships. Now they look ahead with hope and promise.

The Mission helped Nicole, so she can get a job and get back into the real estate business. Her oldest daughter just got a full scholarship to an American college. Her younger kids are flourishing.

“I’m grateful for the Mission,” Nicole says. “The people here are full of empathy and kindness. And it’s so peaceful and serene.”

Your kindness is a gift that brings peace, hope and joy. Thank you!

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