March 26, 2021

How the Las Vegas Rescue Mission Betters Our Community | By Kenneth Devine III

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM) is a non-profit Christian organization that is dedicated to addressing an array of public issues. With a small storefront in 1970, a pastor and his six businessmen began to pursue a dream even greater than they could imagine. With diligence and hard work, they were able to build the sanctuary it has become today. Celebrating 50 years of service the LVRM is located right beneath the I-15 on 480 W Bonanza Rd, where they remain an exemplary pillar of the community.

The thrift store is the cornerstone of The Las Vegas Rescue Mission where it’s open to the community Tuesday through Saturday from 9:30am to 3pm, but it is not just used for selling goods. This building also stands as the iconic beacon of hope that serves as a crucial link for the community, where others can donate items and inquire about services. Do not worry, this is also the place for you if you’re the average Joe trying to save a few bucks or if you just like vintage items. It is a relief to know that from kitchenware to couches all inventory changes daily and whatever you decide to purchase all revenue generated by the thrift store goes directly towards funding all of the services the LVRM offers back to the community. On the thrift store webpage, you will find helpful information about furniture vouchers and upcoming deals. Comprised of volunteers and clients residing at the LVRM the thrift store efficiently serves its purpose.

The LRVM offers a variety of methods for concerned individuals to get involved and assist with various tasks around the site, such as volunteering to cook and service food to the community and becoming a mentor to an individual who just needs someone to talk to. They also offer alternative voluntary methods for those who are in the spirit of giving but are busy with life as well. With a minimum donation of $2.17, you can provide one meal for someone in need. They would love to see you in person but you also have the option to safely and securely donate on their donation webpage. Financial donations are highly appreciated because it allows the ability to buy more necessities in bulk. No matter how you try to assist the LVRM in their cause you will always be treasured and appreciated.

Think you have what it takes to make a change in someone else’s life and want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals, then you are in luck because the LVRM also offers positions for those who truly believe in the cause and want to pursue a career while advancing the agenda of the LVRM. With so many families needing assistance this year and so much to do around the site, they encourage all able-bodied individuals to bring their skills to the table to join in and assist the community.

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